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Roofing Insulation Starts With Insulfoam.

Screen Shot 2014-07-14 at 12.25.01 PMWith InsulRoof, Insulfoam offers the widest range of faced, laminated and standard high-performance EPS insulation products for all your new and re-roofing needs. The best part is InsulRoof offers a 100% R-Value warranty, for a significant material savings over other roofing rigid insulation products. Talk about a competitive advantage for your business! Whatever your roofing system, InsulRoof offers a huge range of roof insulation products that are compatible with your roof membrane assembly system. Whether your membrane is black (EPDM, ballasted) or white (PVC, TPO, White EPDM) InsulRoof products are compatible with both dark- and light- colored single ply membranes for the ultimate in energy efficiency.

Include InsulRoof products in any of the following roofing systems:


  • Metal Deck
  • Concrete Deck
  • Wood Deck
  • Hybrid Systems (Tapered Insulfoam with Polyiso)
  • Tapered: Up to 40″ thick cut to virtually any slope
  • Standing Seam Metal Roofs: Square- taper- and profile-cut flute-fill options
  • Roof Garden: Up to 60-psi
  • Ballasted Systems
  • R-TECH Recover Panels or FanFold
  • FleeceBack BUR Recover
  • Insulated Roof Decks

Available in custom sized panels and blocks, for ease of material handling and in widths up to 4′, lengths up to 16′ and thicknesses up to 40″, InsulRoof products are available in nominal compressive strengths of 10-60 psi. Customize a huge breadth of insulation properties to create a high-performance, yet economical insulation for your roofing system.

InsulRoof 1, VII, II, IX, XIV and XV: Flat & Tapered EPS Roofing Insulation

InsulRoof Insulfoam & Tapered

  • Application: All roofing and reroofing applications. Tapered panels used for increasing slope for additional drainage.
  • Characteristics: Available in compressive strengths from 10-60 psi, flat thicknesses of 1/2″ to 40″, and tapered start thicknesses of 1/8″ to a maximum thickness of 40″; multiple slopes available.

R-TECH: Recover Roof InsulationInsulRoof R-Tech

  • Application: For recover applications, approved for use under single-ply roof systems without the use of a slip-sheet.
  • Characteristics: 4’x8′ panels in thicknesses of 3/8″ – 1″.

InsulRoof SP: InsulRoof With Factory Laminated Glass FacerInsulRoofSP

  • Application: For recover or new applications, approved for single-ply roof systems without an additional slip sheet on non-combustible decks.
  • Characteristics: Available in thicknesses 1 1/2″ – 7″ in 4’x4′ or 4’x8′ panels.

R-TECH FF: Fanfold UnderlaymentInsulRoof R-TECH FF

  • Application: For recover applications, approved for use under single-ply roof systems without the use of a slip-sheet. EPDM is acceptable in the Northern US.
  • Characteristics: Available in 200 sq. ft. fanfold bundles with thicknesses of 3/8″, 1/2″, or 3/4″.

InsulRoof HD Composite: 1/2″ High Density Polyiso Bonded to InsulFoamInsulRoofHD

  • Application: For new construction or recover applications, approved for single-ply roof systems.
  • Characteristics: Available with 100 psi high density polyiso bonded to InsulFoam in compressive strengths from  10-60 psi, thicknesses of 1-1/2″ to 6″, in 4’x4′ or 4’x8′ panels.

InsulRoof FL: Flute FillInsulRoof FluteFill

  • Application: Recover insulation for existing metal roof profiles.
  • Characteristics: Available in taper, straight or custom-cut profiles to fit any metal roofing system.

InsulLam: Composite EPS Insulation NailbaseInsulLam

  • Application: High performance nail base insulation for use in commercial and residential roof applications.
  • Characteristics: Standard substrates include OSB, Plywood, Gypsum and other cover boards. 4’x4′, 4’x8′ panels are available in thicknesses of 1-1/2″ – 7″.  Also available vented as InsulVent.

InsulRoof HB: Holey BoardInsulRoof HoleyBoard

  • Application: For use in lightweight concrete systems.
  • Characteristics: Typically provided in 2’x4′ panels in thicknesses from 3/4″ to 20″.

InsulRoof Metal DeckMetal Deck

  • Product: InsulRoof SP
  • Mechanically Attached EPDM/PVC/TPO/FleecBACK® (FB) – black or white membrane
  • Meets IBC Chapter 26 requirements for direct-to-deck metal roof applications
  • Passes UL 1256 without the need for a thermal barrier

InsulRoof Concrete DeckConcrete Deck

  • Product: InsulLam with foam adhesive
  • Fully adhered EPDM/PVC/TPO/FB – black or white membrane

InsulRoof Wood Deck

Wood Deck

  • Product: InsulRoof SP
  • Mechanically Attached EPDM/PVC/TPO/FleecBACK® (FB) – black or white membrane

R-TECH Revover Panel or FFRecover Applications – Panels or FanFold

  • Product: R-TECH incorporates factory laminated facers compatible with dar-or light-colored membranes
  • Mechanically Attached EPDM/PVC/TPO/FB – black or white membrane

InsulRoof FleeceBACK BUR recoverFleeceBack BUR Recover

  • Product: InsulRoof SP
  • FleeceBACK membrane (approved thickness) adhered with foam adhesive

InsulRoof Hybrid SystemHybrid System

  • Product: HD Composite – Tapered Insulfoam adhered with foam adhesive
  • 2″ Polyisocyanurate insulation
  • Adhered EPDM/PVC/TPO/FB – black or white membrane
Combine code compliance with economics and Insulfoam can help you offset project costs with material cost savings over other rigid insulations. Who doesn’t love lower total roof insulation system costs?Insulfoam Insulation Cost Savings

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SIPS: Structural Insulated Panels  

The Ultimate Pre-insulated Building Envelope for Type V construction.

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