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General Informationinsulfoam

NEW! pdfSingle-ply Roofing with Insulfoam
NEW! pdfRoof Design – Systems and Insulations
NEW! pdfRoofing Products Reference Guide
NEW! pdfKnowing UL for your Deck/Roof System

pdfCombustible Deck Insulation with HD Composite
pdfRoofing Products Overview Flyer
pdfHigh Performance Roofing Insulation Flyer
pdfInsulfoam Capabilities - Roofing and Commercial Applications
pdfRoofing Manual Download
pdfRoofing Insulation Products Chart (Spanish)

Standard InsulFoam® Insulations

pdfInsulFoam I- nom.1 pcf density, roof insulation
pdfInsulFoam VIII- nom. 1.25 pcf density, roof insulation
pdfInsulFoam II- nom. 1.5 pcf density, roof insulation
pdfInsulFoam IX- nom. 2.0 psf density, roof insulation
pdfInsulFoam XIV - 40 psi
pdfInsulFoam XV - 60 psi
pdfInsulFoam HB(Holey Board) lightweight concrete deck insulation


Premium Products

pdfR-Tech Fan Fold Capabilities
NEW! pdfThe R-Tech Panels/FF Recover Advantage Sheet
pdfR-Tech Fanfold Roof Underlayment - for recover applications
pdfR-Tech Panels - for recover applications
pdfInsulFoam SP- InsulFoam VIII base with a factory laminated facer
pdfInsulFoam HD Composite - Premium Composite Insulation
pdfTapered InsulFoam - Factory-tapered insulation
pdfInsulFoam FL - (Flute Fill)Factory-cut insulation for recover of metal roofs
pdfInsulLam - InsulFoam base with factory laminated OSB coverboard
pdfInsulVent - Vented composite board with InsulFoam base and OSB coverboard

Accessory Products

pdf  SecurePly 7 SQ rollSlip sheet for use over InsulFoam
SecurePly 10 SQ rollSlip sheet for use over InsulFoam

SIPS: Structural Insulated Panels

Premier Building Systems


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